Nibiru/Planet X News update 10-7-18

Our Skies Today
welcome to this nibiru planet x update, Folks this is a very beautiful sky it is amazing how planet x today and our atmosphere is so messed up but our sky is just so intense. Nibiru Today is somewhere out there but we must go on and do what it is that we all do. Planet x nibiru will one day cause so much chaos we must give and keep these planet x nibiru update today and tomorrow and everyday. we must continue to watch planet x news that others get as well it is very important that when we get any nibiru planet x update we show it. I must say the sights we see caused by this nibiru planet x is so beautiful it is unreal. folks I do feel lonely almost everyday but I can look into the sky on any night and be at peace and know that I am loved not by a passion but by our creator. we do see what we call the red dragon I do think it’s red iron oxide in the clouds and in our atmosphere the great red dragon. I really don’t know what to think of this planet nibiru or planet x honestly I don’t.ya know I didn’t know one single thing about any of this nibiru until 2016 but sonar then I have spent countless hrs just looking and watching the sky someone’s I will put out a bad video just like any other channel will fact is I’m human as well and I call like I see it and I will stand for what I believe in if I’m ridiculed for that than so be it. Folks there will be a pole shift, but please do not be afraid some say wormwood is almost here is coming with the comet planet I don’t know about that bit I do know the bible says wormwood will make a deep impact on our planet again please do not be afraid the Lord is with us .Thank you for watching this planet x nibiru update from Our Skies Today