Crypto Weekly News & Bitcoin Price Analysis [October 7, 2018]

This week’s top crypto news include Yale’s crypto investment, findings from ethereum ICOs panic selling from Bitmex Research, Tether’s bank trouble and what that means for Tether, and the launch of ErisX, new crypto exchange and platform. Stay tuned until the end for this week’s ‘Crypto People on the Move’ and a crypto market update and bitcoin price analysis.

1. Yale, one of the biggest and most influential endowments, is investing in two crypto funds. Yale is a trailblazer for investing in non conventional asset classes. This is an important signal that crypto makes sense as part of the broader portfolio allocation strategy. Is this vote of confidence other institutions are waiting for before they dive in?

2. BitMex Research Debunk the Ethereum ICOs ‘Panic Sell’ Thesis. Are ICOs causing the Ethereum price drop? In my opinion, ethereum is not antifragile.

3. Is Tether in Trouble? Tether, the largest stablecoin, is looking for a new bank after parting ways with NobleBank. I also shared what I did my personal Tether holdings.

4. The launch of ErisX, crypto exchange and platform, includes a derivatives exchange and clearing organization of fully regulated futures and spot contracts.

For this week’s ‘Crypto People on the Move’, BitMex is bringing out the big guns with a new COO. Coinbase recruits a new board member from the brokerage space.

Bitcoin Price Remains Stable Below $6,600 for another week. Is Bitcoin becoming a lifeless corpse? Is Bitcoin the new stablecoin?

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