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Chamangos / Mangoneadas / Chamoyadas are popular Mexican Mango Snacks and Desserts that can be prepared as mango sorbets, shaved ice, or even as a slushy drink. This version is one that my mom sold at her restaurant. The various names and the way this dessert can be prepared differ by region, but they’re all delicious & refreshing! Perfect for summer. What’s your favorite summer treat?

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4 cups Ripe Peeled & Diced Mangos (2lbs)
¼ cup Water (59ml or 2 fl. oz)
¾ cup Sugar (150g)
4 tsp. Lime Juice (20ml)
*1 tbsp. Mango Concentrate (15ml) – OPTIONAL:–338oz-1L-Concentrate_p_97.html

Fresh diced Mango
Tajin – to taste
Chaca Chaca/Chacatrozos Candies – to taste
Chamoy Sauce – to taste
Fresh Lime Juice – to taste
1 Tamarind Candy Straw

• Sugar: Agave nectar may be used instead
• Mango Concentrate: If you would like to enhance the mango flavor, color, and aroma of the sorbet you may substitute the mango extract with a tbsp. of mango Zuko powdered drink mix or mango Kool-Aid powdered mix.
• Mango Sorbet: Any sorbet flavor may be used instead. For example, strawberry, lime, tamarind, and even cucumber flavored sorbets all go well with the garnishes.

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*An ice cream maker is not necessary. To make sorbet without machine pour mango purée into a airtight container, cover and place in the freezer. Stir mixture every 30 minutes for 4 hours making sure to mix thoroughly with a handheld mixer or a spoon. This process aerates the sorbet and breaks down any ice crystals so it doesn’t become one giant mango ice cube and instead produces a creamy sorbet. After 4 hours the sorbet will have a soft serve consistency, but doesn’t need to be stirred anymore and can be left longer in the freezer if a more solid consistency is desired.

** If a soft serve consistency for the sorbet is desired enjoy immediately once removed from the ice cream maker.

*** If the sorbet is too solid to scoop out once removed from the freezer thaw for 5 minutes in the refrigerator.

**** Always wash produce before using in a recipe. Sorry guys the science geek in me just has to say this even though everyone knows this already. 😅

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